Home remedies to whiten and shiny teeth

Home remedies to whiten and shiny teeth
Home remedies to whiten and shiny teeth

A few years ago a team of tooth doctors prepared a toothbrush that could clean teeth properly in just six seconds. The brush company named Bezidant used the same scanner to create this brush with the help of a dentist's doctor. Now let's know the value of this toothbrush, which cleans teeth in six seconds. The price of this unique brush is 25,000. Why not be surprised Here we will talk about the specialty of this brush, rather than the home remedies which help to whiten the tooth like pearls. So let's know -

Baking soda

The baking soda has the natural benefits to make the tooth dry, which is why baking soda is a popular element in the toothpaste sold today. Rubbing on baking soda teeth turns yellowness away. For this, you can dip the brush directly into the baking soda or mix a pinch of salt in a big spoon baking soda and then rub it on the teeth with a brush.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar removes your teeth's yellowness, giving you white and shiny smiles instantly. Actually it is able to clean your teeth with depth and tenderness. However, much use of vinegar can eliminate the de-addiction on your teeth, so use it for the weekend.


One very effective and easy solution to clean teeth is that you add half a lemon juice in a glass of water. Put the toothbrush overnight and leave it. Use this same tattoo in the morning. This will eliminate the yellowing of teeth. If you can not do it daily, do not do it once in the week. Not only the teeth but also the gums are healthy and strong.

Turmeric and mustard oil

Turmeric enhances immunity, as well as enhances healing power in the body. Turmeric Powder is considered very good for domestic remedies. For this you must mix turmeric, mustard oil and salt and enjoy. Teeth will be strong and yellowish. Read more:
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