To avoid depression, stay away from these 5 diets


Depression is a mental disorder that can have any prey. A person affected by this loses his interest in almost all things. Therefore, in order to avoid the depression, you should adopt some methods, in which you can make yourself a distance away from a few days.


If you want to stay away from depression, then you have to make distance from alcohol. Recently scientists said that depression affects 14 million people in the world and they are battling diseases caused by alcohol use.

It also spoils your health with the liver, as well as its excessive consumption can also put you in depression. Tell you that alcohol directly affects your nervous system and slows down its speed.

Meat intake

If you have free water from the depression, then eat at least the meat or if you can, then keep distance from it. Particularly red meat or canned meat is completely harmful to your health.

Tell you that there is a high amount of saturated fat or saturated fat, which changes the level of insulin. As a result, not only does the person get depressed, but also increases the chances of many serious illnesses.


It has been observed that people use coffee to remove stress or to relieve fatigue. It works by removing fatigue, giving energy, but letting you know that excessive intake of it can put you in depression.

Caffeine present in it can remove your sleep and happiness, which can eventually lead to mental fatigue and sadness.

Apart from this, researchers from Seoul National University experimented with the rat and found that after keeping the mouse in the awakening condition for long, when the coffee was melted, the brain had an effect on the protein which was responsible for the stress.

Rice intake

Many people are very addicted to eating rice. Such people like to eat rice every morning and evening. But let us tell you that excessive intake of rice can cause sadness inside you.

In it, refined carbohydrate is found, which affects the glycemic index of the body, and also contributes to the hormonal changes, and due to which you feel unhappy.

White bread

In many homes breakfast is replaced by white bread instead of brown bread, but do you know how bad is white bread for you? It is the birthplace of many diseases, apart from this it also produces depression.

In one research it has been found that excessive amount of carbohydrate present in white bread or white bread can cause depression among women. It can also cause fatigue.

Symptoms of depression

1. If you feel that you are not happy in your life and you are constantly depressed, you are a victim of depression.

2. Small things make you irritable. Your mood is off on any thing which remains all day, if you do not consume anybody's company then this is a sign of depression.

3. If you are mostly alone and do not even become part of any social meal, be cautious because it is a sign of depression.

4. Emotions only show that you are happy or unhappy. Emotions are things that make us truly human. But feelings of depression decrease in the person suffering from depression. Such a person lives in the same mood for the whole time.
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