Typhoid Fever Treatment and Symptoms

Typhoid Fever Treatment and Symptoms
Typhoid Fever Treatment and Symptoms 

Typhoid Fever Treatment and Symptoms - Bacteria salmonella typhi is found only in humans. A person with typhoid fever has a fever above 102 degrees Celsius.

Typhoid Fever Treatment and Symptoms 

Typhoid fever is an infectious disease that can occur to any age person. The reason for typhoid fever is a particular type of bacterium that enters the body of the human body through water, milk or food. It is an infectious disease whose carrier flies. The flies give the germs to the people's food items from the patient's stools, urine, sputum etc. The duration of premature fever ranges from one week to two weeks.

Due to the spread of this fever, such as germs, contaminated water or milk, contaminated air and stale or contaminated food etc. It is important to know the symptoms of the patient during fever and to reduce the pain caused by it.

Symptoms of Typhoid Fever:

An important symptom of typhoid fever is that the patient is fever, which increases daily in the first week. During this, the patient's temperature reaches 103 degrees to 104 degrees. In the morning, the fever has some work to the patient and it continues to grow till the evening. In the second stage of the fever, the body temperature remains almost the same. However, physical weakness is realized and thin diarrhea can also occur. During periodic fever the temperature of the body decreases and becomes normal on the twenty-first day.

Treatment of Typhoid Fever

Due to the exposure of the patient of the typhoid fever, in the airy and clean room, it should be disinfected, spit, stool etc. When the patient has diarrhea, try not to stop them. If the patient has blood with diarrhea, food should not be given. To eat the patient should be given light and less weight. Give boiled water to drink.

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