What is kidney, structure, function | Kidney diseases

What is kidney, structure and function
What is kidney, structure, function | Kidney diseases
Kidney diseases

Kidney is an organ of our body which is ten centimeters long, six meters wide and three meters thick. It is a part of our body, which filters out the body of our body and pulls it out of the way of the Unic. There is two kidneys in the human body, if both are right then it is a very good thing, but if one of our kidneys gets spoiled, then the other kidney does all the work of keeping our body healthy, but when both are for some reason If it gets spoiled then it produces a serious problem. In such a way, even life can go.

Kidney Structure

Kidney cleanses the blood of our body and makes urine. There are two kidneys in both men and women. Kidney is safe in the chest ribs on either side of the back in the back of the stomach. It happens within our stomach. Which can not be detected by hand.

Kidney function
What is kidney, structure, function | Kidney diseases
Kidney diseases

Clean the blood

Kidney works continuously. Any poisonous substances that are produced in our body emit from the body through urination.

Evacuation of waste growers

Cleansing the blood is the most important task of kidneys. The food we do have protein in it, it is very useful for the development of our body. But when we take protein, there is often a product of wastes. These waste products are not less than any poison in our body. The kidneys filter out these substances and excrete them from the urinary tract.

Balance of water in the body

Kidney maintains the amount of water needed in our body, which is more water. He takes her out of the way of urination.

Acid and base balance

Kidney maintains the amount of sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus etc in our body. The above substances are responsible for the amount of acid and base in our body. Increasing or decreasing the amount of sodium in our body affects the brain and the increase and decrease of potassium affects the heart's activities.

Blood control

Kidney works to make many hormones in our body such as angiotensin, aldosterone etc. With the help of this balance, the kidney works to keep blood pressure normal in the body.

Help in the production of blood cells

Red blood cells are produced in the blood, which is in the bone marrow with the help of erythropoietin. Erythropoietin is formed in the kidney, but when the kidneys are spreading, it ceases to form. Due to which red blood cells production also decreases and our blood starts to fade. Which we call anemia.

 Strength of bones

For our bones to be healthy, kidney changes Vitamin D in active form. Absorption of calcium from food, the growth of bones and teeth and the strength of the bones are very much needed to stay healthy.

Kidney Diseases

Whenever there is any problem in the kidney, it has to do many diseases.
1. Kidney stones
Burning of kidney
3. Kidney Disease
4. Urea growth in the kidneys
5. Anemia in Kidney
6. Blood flow in urine in urine etc.

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