Nose bleeding: Causes, treatment, and home remedies

Nose bleeding: Causes, treatment, and home remedies
Nose bleeding: Causes, treatment, and home remedies

Nose Bleeding treatment - It is often seen that during the summer, the problem of bleeding is found in children's nose. Nose bleeding this is a common problem. But if the nose is bleeding repeatedly it becomes difficult to stop it. In this disease, blood vessel rupture. This leads to blood flow.

Nosebleeds: Causes, treatment, and home remedies

Causes of Nose Bleeding

Go to higher elevation, nose scraping, nasal bone injury, nose or head injury, hypertension, increased blood pressure in the brain, disease of the liver, excessive work and cough etc. due to nasal The blood starts bleeding. It has also been observed that due to the closing of menstruation, there is blood from the nose in place of menstrual discharge. The hemorrhoid episode stopped bleeding and bleeding started coming out of the nose. Due to secretion of cold, it also causes bleeding from the nose. Occasionally this disease starts bleeding from the nose due to colds, sunitisis, nasal abscess, diphtheria disease, malfunction in the wall between the nose, and abscess. Nose bleeding can come from the infected fever, such as dengue, flu, measles, respiratory disease, typhoid, malaria, cancer, arterial or intravenous bronchitis etc. Due to the lack of vitamin C, B-12, chloric acid and vitamins in the body, bleeding from the nose begins.

Symptoms of Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding, blood flow through the nose and bleeding in the throat. Blood clots in the neck or closing of the nose.

What Do not it on nose bleeding

The patient should not consume alcohol, cigarettes and other stimulants. No more physical or mental work should also be done. Try to avoid as much heat as possible.

Treatment of Nose Bleeding

Turn slightly towards the front and go to bed so that blood does not fall in your throat. Keep cool and wet cloth on the nose so that blood clots get compressed and blood clots stop. If blood is coming from only one nostril then keep on the upper part of the nostril and keep it on. However, if bleeding is not stopped, then keep pressing for 10 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop or bleeding is coming out repeatedly, show the doctor. As mentioned, the disease of hemorrhoid is mostly due to heat. In such a case, the patient should give cool stuff. The patient should give ice cold water at the root of the neck and nose. Dissolve the powder of alum in a little water, it is useful in the disease by sprouting in the nose. In summer, red or yellow sandalwood on the forehead, it is better to heal the antioxidant by applying the coating of multani clay. If the hemorrhoid breaks due to old colds or eyes, then mixing mixed grated red sandalwood mixed with sugar can also help in the disease. If these diseases are not correct even after these remedies, once you get the advice of the doctor.

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