Mineral Resources in India

Mineral Resources in India
Mineral Resources in India

Mineral Resources in India: Hello Friends In today's article, we are sharing information with Mineral Resources in India. Classification of Minerals.

Mineral Resources in India

First of all, let us tell you that India is a thriving country in terms of mineral resources because different types of minerals are found in India. Like iron, coal, asbestos, manganese, chromite etc. are found in sufficient quantity in our India.

Classification of Minerals

The minerals are classified into three sections.

  • Metallic mineral
  • Non-metallic mineral
  • Other mineral

Metallic mineral

The following types of minerals are included in metallic mineral.

Iron ore - Mineral iron (hematite, magnetite, limonite and siderite).

Iron Mixed Metals - Metals that contain iron - chromium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, tigston, vanadium, ferrophosphorus, titanium, boron etc.

Non-ferrous metal - The metal in which there is no iron - copper, lead, zinc and others which come in different types of uses.

Precious Metals - Metals whose prices are the highest - Gold, Silver and Platinum etc.

Light metals - metals that have very little weight, such as bauxite, titanium, platinum etc.

Minerals related to electronic industry - Minerals used in electronics (auxiliary equipment): fennium, mercury etc.

Spiritual mineral

The following minerals are found - asbestos, asbestos, pyrite, salt, gypsum, diamond etc.

Other mineral

Under this mineral, those minerals are kept in the molecule power such as uranium, regulatory, berolium, almanite, antimony and graphite etc.

Production Area of ​​Minerals in India

Minerals are found in different places in India-

  • Rajasthan- Khetri Sidhana, Khor Dibeiba Bhagoni
  • Madhya Pradesh- Taregaon, Malajkhand
  • Jharkhand- Mosabani, Dhobani, Surada, Patargauda, ​​Rakha, Sonamakhi
  • Sikkim-Bhotang, Pachekhani

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