How to increase hairs of moustache

How to increase hairs of moustache

How to increase hairs of moustache - Hormones imbalances often cause shave and shouldache hair loss. For those who make changes with their looks, the shortness of the beard and mustache hair on the face or decreasing their growth becomes a lot of trouble. There is some myth in society, that dense beard and mustache are symbols of masculinity. This is absolutely wrong. There is nothing to do with masculinity due to having or not having beard and mustache. But in this research published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry, it has been found that by increasing the beard, men's skin can reduce the risk of disease or cancer from ultraviolet rays.

The reason for not growing the hair of beard and mustache -

Lack of vitamin B in food causes hair to grow. Along with this, smoking can obstruct the journey of dense beard and mustache. Nicotine in the cigarette reduces blood circulation. Along with this, smoking can also be a problem of hair fall.

What should be cautious -

Such young people who are experiencing physical changes should know about how to save a beard. If given attention only at the beginning, then the problem of short shave and mustache can easily be overcome.

Remedy - The facial face of the face often becomes an enemy to grow hair and beard hair. In this case, dead skin cells should be removed from time to time. Shaving for a dense beard and mustache can be a good solution. For this, shaving two to three times a week. It would be better to shave the reverse blade. Although there is a possibility of skin cuts in it. That's why it should be done very carefully. If possible, shaving off an expert would be better.

Along with this, you have to take good protein intake of protein. You should take a lot of sleep and stay away from stress. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. At the same time, face massage should also be taken out. Bliss circusation is good with massage.

Home remedies -

Grate cinnamon and make powder Then mix the lemon juice in it and make paste. Put this paste on the face and dry it. Then wash the face with clean water and wipe the face. Doing so keeps moisture on the face. With this the face is soft and the hair of bearded bees helps to grow. Amla oil lagan also helps to increase hair. But if the massage of face is made by making mustard leaves or oil paste along with gooseberry oil, then there is more scope for gain. Along with this, facial glow also increases.

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