Home remedies for removing blackheads of underarms

Home remedies for removing blackheads of underarms
Home remedies for removing blackheads of underarms

Home remedies for removing blackheads of underarms

Home remedies for removing blackheads of underarms,
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Remedies for Blackheads of Underarms

What happens when your face shines brightly and with underarms and black In such a situation, how much do you have to raise your hands? Ever wondered why there is such a difference in the color of the face and underarms ... the difference is only due to your reason. You are so well of your face but forget to take care of their hidden underarms.

Do not know what people do not do to make the face bright from black ... sometimes expensive creams and sometimes lotions and masks At the same time, you do not clean your underarms properly with soap. Standing alone in front of a mirror yourself today, look at your underarms and think about what you are doing with them ...

We know that there has been a considerable decrease in time in this busy life. Now most girls use the hair razors of their underarms, but do you know that using a razor is quite side-effect. Not only this, but some girls also use hair-removal cream too, but the chemicals present in them also do not leave any difficulty in spoiling the skin.

The girls who love to wear sleeveless are required for their underarms to be clean. At the same time, if your underarms are black and clumsy, you do not want to wear an expensive dress you want, they will feel very bad and people will make fun of them.

Are you also worried about your dirty, black and spots under the underarms or the problems associated with them?

Lemon juice and baking soda

Like the potato, lemon also works as a natural bleach. If your underarms are too dark, then you can mix baking soda in a small quantity of lemon. Use a mixture of lemon and baking soda as a scrub. Take this measure for two to three times a week and see the advantages.

Potato Massage

Very few people know that the potato king of vegetables placed in the kitchen is called a natural bleach. First of all, cut the potatoes into thin slices in roundness, now keep the underarms massage from these slices for five to seven minutes. Now after the massage clean the underarms with cold water. Do this idea two to three times a week, you will see its advantage.

Coconut oil

It is said that coconut oil is the most effective to remove all types of stains on the body. If you want this oil, you can also mix it with Kapoor, in which the properties of moisturizing are found very well.


By the way, Wax is not a natural way but it is easy and easy to give you good results in less time. Explain that one of the waxing leaves the hair from the roots and the other uses it to clear the dead skin of your underarms.

Sugar Scrub

You can use a sugar scrub to remove the underarms blackness. Mix coconut oil with sugar and make sugar crumble with lemon juice.

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