Calcium for pregnant women is essential

Calcium for pregnant women is essential - A pregnant woman does not only give birth to a child, but also creates a new life. The health of this new creation depends on the health of the breastfeeding mother. The nutritional supplements are essential for the better health of the mother giving birth. Calcium is also very important in these doses.
Calcium for pregnant women is essential
Calcium for pregnant women is essential

There are many diseases in the absence of calcium. These are the following:

In this absence, the bones of the body and teeth become weak. Due to the reduction of digestion and resistance to diseases, decreasing capacity. Muscle weakness occurs. The lack of calcium reduces the flexibility of the skin. Cutting on a place becomes difficult to stop the secretion, resulting in no wounds that are immediately filled. Its decrease can reduce blood volume and the face becomes yellow. The effect of calcium deficiency occurs at the heart rate.

Calcium Source:

Calcium requirement is higher than other minerals compared to other minerals. To maintain the need of calcium in the body, green vegetables, which include fenugreek, mustard, potato, spinach, lady finger etc. Not only this, onions, amla and garlic also contain abundant calcium. Calcium is found in abundance in bran which is part of the flour in the sieve.

When the feet of pregnant women get numb, after doing joint pain of fingers and not doing the work of muscles, it should be understood that the newborn baby takes more quantity of calcium than the mother's body.

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