Biography of Narendra Modi | Narendra Modi history

Biography of Narendra Modi
Biography of Narendra Modi | Narendra Modi history

The life of Shri Narendra Modi is not less than austerity. In his five year term, Narendra Modi appeared to do the same, which makes people feel more than 10 years old. Narendra Modi is a name for India which is taking India on the highlands. The life of Narendra Modi is an example for people of all ages. Let us read Narendra Modi Biography

Narendra Modi History
The year 1950, the country was liberated for 3 years, the foundation of new India was studying. In these days, Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in a small town named Badnagar, 80 kilometer away from Gandhi Nagar. Narendra Modi's father Name Damodar Das Modi and mother's name is Hera Ban.
Damodar Das was a small tea shop at Modi's railway station in Vadnagar. In those days, 7-year-old Narendra Modi reached the railway station early in the morning and handed his father's hand. And if there was a period in school in the afternoon, Narendra would reach the station while running, and as soon as the school was in school, he would reach the school again. Many years of childhood, such a thing of Narendra passed away. Their mother goes home and cleans the utensils.
Children of childhood made Narendra stronger. In a small house 12 feet wide and 40 feet long, Narendra Modi lived with his five siblings and his parents. Narendranath, who once thought from his childhood, used to do it.
A story about Narendra Modi is heard that once Narendra jumped into a pothole filled with pistachios and brought a child of Gharial to his house. Narendra Modi participates in every activity in school. And after 8 years of schooling, going to the National Self-Conservation Association. Narendra was very religious since childhood.

Narendra Modi's tea shop to become country's prime minister
Biography of Narendra Modi | Narendra Modi history

At the age of 13, Narendra Modi was married to Jashoda Ban. After 4 years of marriage, when Narendra Modi was studying in class 11, he decided to leave the house. Three years later he returned home again. After some time he left Vadnagar and left for Ahmedabad. He started giving tea in a canteen. Even there, Narendra started going to RSS. And they started living with the people of the same union. Wake up at 5 in the morning and prepare tea for the Sangh's people and prepare breakfast and broom themselves in the room.
In 1975, when the Emergency was imposed in the country, Narendra Modi got an opportunity to work in the Union and he learned a lot in these days. And after one year, Narendra was made a Union campaigner of 6 districts of Gujarat. In 1987, Narendra was made secretary of Gujarat BJP. In 2001, Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and became chief minister of Gujarat till 2014. And on 14th May 2014, the Prime Minister of India was appointed.

Narendra Modi Qualities
1. Public Speaking Skills -
There is such power in the voice of Narendra Modi that he forces everyone to listen to their talk. People who do not like them always listen to their speech. The main reason for this is that they write their own speech every single day.

2. Enthusiasm -
The enthusiasm of Narendra Modi is appreciated. Even at the age of 66, new travels were tired without being stopped every day. Only 3-4 hours of work and working throughout the day is the result of their enthusiasm. Shri Barack Obama once told in an interview that Narendra Modi sleeps only for 3-4 hours. And they work all day without any interruption.

3. Determination -
Narendra Modi was determined from his childhood. At the age of 8, Narendra Modi joined RSS. Once in childhood, Narendra Modi decided to go to the temple on the river and he knew that there was a crocodile in the river yet he went on the river. And Shri Narendra Modi, who started selling tea, today is the Prime Minister of India. This is the result of his determination.

4. Patience-
Narendra Modi ji's highest quality is his endurance.
There is fluctuation in everyone's life but it is very important to keep patience in life.

5. Leadership Quality-
The power of leadership of Narendra Modi is incomparable.

6. Fearless -
Narendra Modi is fearless only by nature. Once Narendra Modi traveled from Kanyakumari to Srinagar and left the Tiranga flag on the Lal Chowk of Shri Nagar.

7. Those who use the right technology -
Narendra Modi likes Technology and encourages him too. In that he also met Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They always tweet and post their every important event. From Narendra Modi, we can learn that what is the use of technology and what happens to be its slave.

8. Health Dear -
Narendra Modi does not leave yoga and pranayama one day. Narendra Modi ji says that whenever I feel tired in the body, I start breathing deeply, it gives me renewed energy once again.

We also learn from the life of Narendra Modi and continue to make our life advanced.

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