Beneficial yoga asana for women

Useful Yoga posture for women - Boat driving and mill grinding two posture are very useful for women. Before and after pregnant women, this posture plays an important role in their health. This not only reduces stomach fat but is also beneficial in catheter remedies.
Beneficial yoga asana for women
Beneficial yoga asana for women 

Boat Operation posture

Boat Operation Asana Method

Sit on the legs in front of the feet and operate the body in the style of running the boat. Make as the size of a dash, bending back and forth as much as possible. Do this from ten to twelve times. Now use the methods of running your boat on the other side as well. Do this from at least ten to twelve times. Take the opinion of experts while doing this asana.

Benefits of Boat Operation Asana

1. This posture is beneficial for gynecological disorders.

2. By doing this posture, all parts of the stomach and muscles are massaged and constipation is also correct.

3. This is the best practice for pregnant women for the first three months.

4. It causes the shoulders, hands and buttocks to be attractive and stabbed.

Mill grinding posture

Mill Grinding posture method

Spread legs and spread fingers in front of each other. Make the size of the waist with the hands bending from the waist. Imagine doing this posture that you are running a mill. Make it ten to ten times on both sides.

Benefits of Grinding a mill

1. By doing this posture, the stomach muscles become good massages.

2. It's good for cytica to get rid of this seat.

3. This is a good practice for tied waist and chest.

4. Continuous practice helps in reducing stomach fat through this posture.

5. This posture can reduce fat after pregnancy.

Note : Never remember this posture at the time of pregnancy. Also lower blood pressure, lower back pain and headaches or migraine patients do not do this posture. Take the specialist's opinion to do asana.

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