6 Home Remedies for Busted Lips

6 Home Remedies for Busted Lips
6 Home Remedies for Busted Lips

Home remedies for torn lips: Some people start to touch lips with their tongue repeatedly when the lips are dried, then the saliva of the mouth sucks lips moisture. It creates a scab on the lips and then when the scab is removed, the lower layer becomes dry.

6 Home Remedies for Busted Lips

If you go to office or college, if someone says that your lips are exploding, then you feel very embarrassed. This type of incident happens more frequently with those who often prefer to live in chaotic manner and do not care for themselves. Winters have started, hence the rupture of lips in this season is a common problem. Many times the lip balm is broken by soaking air and rigidity that lip balm is also ineffective.

Now, to go to a party, you have prepared a lot of preparations to dress from hair to hair. But when someone's face falls on your lips in the party, then all fashion trends remain. Torn lips not only spoil the appearance of the face, but the pain in them may be the reason for eating and drinking.

In such a case, with the help of these easy home remedies, it will help to repair broken lips in winter and your lips will remain soft, soft and beautiful.

6 best Home Remedies for Busted Lips

6 Home Remedies for Busted Lips
6 Home Remedies for Busted Lips

1. Peel the cucumber and paste it and filter it well with the filter, so that its juice comes out. Then keep it on the lips for twenty minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

2. If your lips break, mix one spoonful of rose water and one teaspoon honey and apply it on the lips. After 10 minutes, clean lip with lukewarm water and apply any lip balm.

3. According to beauty experts, drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day regularly keeps lips moist and does not break the lips.

4. Light the massage of butter or pure ghee on the lips before sleeping at night. This will increase blood circulation. As you wake up in the morning, your lips will look beautiful.

5. Sleep with mustard oil on the navel of the stomach before sleeping. Lips do not burst.

6. Add as many nutrients as possible to your diet.

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