Yoga for back pain and waist pain

Yoga for back pain and waist pain - Being too busy at work, back pain, cervical, waist pain today is emerging as a major problem. Excessive stress in the muscles, stretching in joints, lack of calcium, constantly sitting in one place, working on the computer for several hours, do not exercise, these are some of the reasons that increase the problem of your back and back pain. . If you are suffering from this kind of problem then practice the Makarasana everyday. This will give you quick relief from the back pain.
Yoga for back pain and waist pain
Yoga for back pain and waist pain

Law of makarasana

Lie down the mat with flat stomach. Then lift the head and shoulders with the help of the elbows and leave the chin on the palms. Keep in mind your face should be front. After this, close the eyes and leave the whole body loose.

In this stage of the asana, the process of breathing should be quite simple and normal. However, as long as possible, it can be delayed for this posture. Still, you must do ten to fifteen minutes. You can repeat this posture twice or thrice.

When you bring this asana in practice then try that your distracted mind is concentrated. For this, you can take the help of number while breathing.

Benefits of makarasana

1. Makarasana will give a lot of relief to those who are suffering from any problem in slim disc or spinal cord.

2. People suffering from asthma and lung related diseases should do this posture.

3. By doing this posture, rest in the pain of the shaastika and cervical.

4. It keeps blood circulation well in the body and there is no problem of insomnia.

If there is any serious illness in the legs or thighs, keep in mind that the yoga specialist can take the posture. Also, do not do this posture while having hernia.

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