Warren Buffett Biography

Warren Buffett Biography
Warren Buffett Biography 

"If you buy those things you do not need at all, then you will have to sell things you need the most." - WARREN BUFFETT

Warren Buffett Biography

Name of Warren Buffett Today in the world know everybody, this name is not an acquaintance, World is less than the name of Warren Buffett and the stock market player, the wizard of Wall Street and Berkshire Hathaway. I know that in the world I will not have any such TV, TV Channel, in which Warren Buffett will not be discussed.

By 2008, Forbes was estimated as the richest person in the world by Forbes because of the net worth of U.S $ 62 billion.

Rather than being a billionaire, I have not been so much discussed because, despite the fact that despite being a billionaire, I live in that discussion because of the life style of the buffett, I am different from all those rich people of the world. I fully understand the buffets I have of many capabilities that give their names a different identity.

The biggest thing is that Buffett made history by donating nearly 85% of his total assets to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Bill Gates and became the world's largest donor ....

Buffett's dad was a stock trade I was a representative, Buffett began his business existence with his dad at 11 years old. I started my business life with my father, Buffett filed my first income tax return at age 13 and sold his bike for $ 35. Given the expense as an expense.

At the age of 15, at the High School in the last year, Buffett and one of his friends bought a used pinball machine in 25 dollars and placed it in a barber shop. In only a couple of months, they had three machines in better places.

At 20 years old, Buffett connected for admission to Harvard Business School, yet he was turned down. Then Warren Buffett joined Columbia Business School because he knew that Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, two well-known securities analyst, read there. By these same gurus Buffett learned to invest in the stock market.

Buffett has the more assets today, his life style is as simple, Buffett still lives the same house he had bought five decades ago, he owns his own car, neither he has any driver, nor any security guard , They never travel by private plane, they write their own CEO only once a year.

Friends, understanding Warren Buffett's lethargy or making any opinion about them is just as intriguing as the stock market.

Excellent Tips by Warren Buffett

  • "Earnings: Never be dependent on lone income. Invest in making another means of income."
  • "Success: When you go to the spot then you do some work. There was a moment in my life when I had a lot of remedies. But if I come to some measure next week, then I will be able to do something else otherwise I will not do anything."
  • "Spend: If you are buying what you do not need, then you will have to sell whatever you need one day."
  • "Savings: The survivors who do not save after spending them, but after saving them, save what they save."
  • "Risk: Never should the profundity of the waterway be estimated with two feet."
  • "Investment: Never put all your eggs in the same basket."
  • "Expectancy: Honesty is the most expensive gift. Do not expect it from small people."
  • Humane: If you are also involved in Humane 1% of humanity, you can teach 99% people innocence."
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