Properties of carrots

Properties of carrots - Consumption of carrots rich in many medicinal properties is very beneficial. According to doctors, eating it raw or using its juice not only benefits your eyes but also it is useful for problems related to urine and cough. Carrot is an Semen Enhancer vegetable and consumes it raw and boil it strengthens the body. Come, let's face you with its benefits.
Properties of carrots
Properties of carrots

6 Properties of carrots

Carrots pulls out dirty substances from the body: 

Carrot helps to remove urine, cough and feces etc. And even more, carrots are also beneficial in dangerous disease like ulcer.

Blood Cleansing: 

By consuming a carrot rich in Vitamin 'E', new blood is formed quickly and with abundance. Therefore, it also acts as a nature-rendered good tonic. Drinking juice of it leads to blood cleansing and it does not develop cancerous blood in the blood.

Beneficial for the eyes:

Although carrot juice has many minerals and vitamins, but mainly it contains a high amount of vitamin A, hence it is considered a boon for skin and eyes.

Avoid cough syndrome: 

Consumption of carrot juice for cough, asthma, urine burn, and asthma is very beneficial. There is plenty of fiber in it. So if you drink its juice with tomatoes and ginger, there will be no problem of cough in winter.

Invigorating tonic: 

Properties of carrots
Properties of carrots

In indigenous medicine, carrot is considered as sexually suggestive tonic. Its consistent consumption improves the quality of the sperm, and also reduces the impairment of gender. The use of equal quantity of carrot and radish juice is beneficial for sexual power and the marmalade prepared in honey is very aphrodisiac.

Gas or digestive problems: 

If you are suffering from gas or digestive problems then you should eat two red carrots a day. This will keep your stomach perfect. If you are dizzy with weakness then carrot food will work for you as a coconut.

Keep in mind that always have the juice of fresh carrots. Store this juice in the fridge and do not take it for later. The juice should not be eaten immediately after and before the meal.

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