Home remedies for winter cold

Home remedies for winter cold - It is common for a cold to sit or cold during the winter season. People adopt a variety of measures to avoid this. For this, he also supports allopathic. Sometimes it does not prove to be effective. With these home remedies, you can get rid of colds.

Home remedies for winter cold 
Home remedies for winter cold 

Home remedies for winter cold 7 tips

1. If the throat is due to winter cold, then eat four to five peppercorns with sleeping while sleeping at night. This will cure cold cold and also open throat from it.

2. After eating hot substance, eating cold, it often stays in the throat. In such a case, keep chewing a gram of Mulhathi in the mouth and chewing for some time then keep it in the mouth and sleep asleep. After the morning, all the problems of the throat will be removed.

3. It is a good idea to take powdered pepper, black pepper powder, honey and turmeric with honey.

4. Keep churning of Alahli's powdered leaves on the leaves of the leaves and keep on chewing on them, it also helps to remove the throat and also the pain of the throat.

5. Mixing asafoetida, Triphala, Mulhoti and sugar candy in lemon juice helps in reducing cough.

6.Make a paste by mixing saffron in light lukewarm water. Applying this paste to the nose, forehead, chest, and palms of hands gives relief in winter and cold.

7. Grinding seeds of potter's milk in cold-cold weather and getting it into a thin clean cotton cloth, smells before sleeping.

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