Do not eat this 5 thing while an empty stomach

Do not eat this 5 thing while an empty stomach - Hello friends Today I will discuss about do not eat this 5 things while an empty stomach. Many people eat tomato, soda, curd and drink coffee, alcohol on while an empty eat food stomach to poor your stomach..
Do not eat these 5 thing while an empty stomach
Do not eat these 5 thing while an empty stomach 

It is said that like food you eat, your mind ... people go from eat food morning till evening to their better health. It is very few people who know that our health does not make us from day to day, health is created only if we eat the right things at the right time.

Either you consume many things, but do you follow the rules related to them? If you do not have the answer, then this is not right for you. Let's tell you today, the name of some such things that you may be in poor health by eating empty-handed:

1. Coffee: These days people low drink tea and drink more coffee. The addiction of coffee has become so much that people drink it like water. Drinking empty stomach coffee in the morning is very bad for your health. Coffee has caffeine, which can spoil your health after taking empty stomach. If you drink plain water instead of the coffee, you will get more benefit.

2. Curd: People often eat curd with food. Curd is good for health because it cools down your stomach, but curd does harm to those who eat curd empty stomach. Tell you that eating empty stomach curd can tie your stomach.

3. Tomato: Empty stomach should never be used as a red-red tomato as acid is found in it. Because of the acid in tomatoes, there may be chemical action in the body of an empty stomach, which creates insoluble gels in the stomach. This prison also makes stone in the stomach.

4. Soda: Carbonate acid is found in high quantity in soda. Drinking empty stomach soda can cause nausea and you may feel restless as well. Keep in mind, do not use soda to empty stomach at all.

5. Alcohol: It is not safe to drink empty stomach alcohol. Doing so cause it occurs the burning sensation in the stomach and also many diseases related to stomach.

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