Care of children - Children first aid on bone breakdown or injury

Care of children - Children first aid on bone breakdown or injury
  Care of children - Children first aid on bone breakdown or injury
  Care of children - Children first aid on bone breakdown or injury

Breakdown of bones may be a matter of concern. The breakdown of children's bones in this also Children's bones are soft and tender than teenagers and adults. This is the reason that their bones are more likely to break.

How do you know that the bones are not broken

There are some symptoms that can be estimated to break the bones. The key is in these symptoms-

Swelling occurs in the affected area. Due to this, persistent sufferings are also complained of pain. Black or blue signs emerge at the affected area. As a result of this injury the sufferer is unable to move the body parts of the body.

These signs are seen from the outside of the wrist bone breakdown. Even if there is no swelling, the wrist bone can break. While playing the ball while playing the ball or the volleyball, due to injury while playing football, the fingers, etc. can also break. The backbone of the child can break down on the back of the back. Be sure to consult the doctor at this time.

In these situations, first aid can be made on the breakdown of bones. However, during first aid, keep in mind that do not shake broken fingers. Do not let the children move even during this time. Carefully littered the child without shaking the spinal cord. If you feel the need to lift it, then stand on the side of the stretcher or the wooden plank. During this also keep in mind that the spinal cord should not turn outward. The reason behind this is that there is a possibility of paralysis in the legs when the backbone is out.

First aid on serious head injuries

It is normal to hurt the children's head while playing. If the child does not stop crying or vomiting, after 15 minutes of falling on the head, there is nothing to fear. If there is a serious injury to the head, some symptoms appear, which are important to know about.

The major of these symptoms are -

It is a major symptom of lack of appetite, yellowing of the body for a few hours, severe pain in the head, unconsciousness, and not being visible properly with eyes.

First aid

In such a situation, let the children rest on bed by two to three days. Consult the doctor if some other symptoms appear. If the head falls downwards, swelling in the head will fall. Generally it is not a matter of concern It is argued that the swelling of the blood vessel is below the skin.

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