The Taj Mahal History | History of Taj Mahal and interesting facts

The Taj Mahal History -History of Taj Mahal and interesting facts. Taj mahal is a historical place. Shahjahan built taj mahal. Taj mahal made by white marble.

Taj Mahal Information And Facts 

The Taj Mahal History
The Taj Mahal History

1. This charming building was made up of more than 25000 people, including laborers, painters, artists and many artists.

2. Approximately 1500 hats were used to move the goods when making the Taj Mahal.

3. According to historians, Shah Jahan had planned to build another Taj Mahal from Black Streets on the other side of the river, due to war with his son Aurangzeb, his plan could not be fulfilled.

4. Taj Mahal was built in memory of Shahjahan's third and the most beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and it took almost 18 years to build it.

5. It is said that Mumtaz's death had a great effect on Shah Jahan, after his death, the condition of Shah Jahan had also been very bad. It is said that Shah Jahan was unable to forget Mumtaz till his death.

6. The shade of the towers of the Taj Mahal creates a mirror-like image. People also consider it a miracle, but many architectures have not been able to solve this puzzle.

7. Tajmahal is surrounded by the Mahamohan Garden and the historic buildings, which include the Masjid and the Guest House, around 17 hectares of land is spread over the Taj Mahal.

8. The total height of the Taj Mahal is around 73 m.

9. The Taj Mahal is seen in different colors in different times in the day; in the morning it is light pink and in the evening the dandelike white and in the night it appears light golden. Changing the colors of the logo means changing the mood (temperament) of women.

10. On the walls of Taj Mahal there were precious gems previously, but in the 1857 revolution, the British had suffered a lot.

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