What to do, if an external object enters the eye, ears, nose, throat

What to do, if an external object enters the eye, ears, nose, throat
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat

What to do, if any external objects enter the eyes, ears, nose, throat, the nose, eyes and throat are considered to be delicate limbs of the body. The more important the organs are, the more sensitive they are. Therefore, many precautions have to be taken into account when entering an external object. People often make damaging mistakes in the absence of these careful information. Know, about these precautions ..

On entering the objects in the eyes

Do this in the eyes when you enter the dust, insects, do not do it -
Victims should not rub their eyes. Repeat the eyes and keep it in cold water again and again. Often, unwanted and harmful particles come out from it. Soak the clean handkerchief in oil or glycerin and put it in the eyes. Castor or olive oil can be used to penetrate the particles of the glass into the eyes.

On entering the external objects in the ears

When entering the outer objects, add olive, sesame or mustard oil to the ear. From this, the outer object floats up and reaches the surface of the ear. If not, seek medical advice immediately.

On the entry of external objects in the nose

This situation often happens with children. When children play, they put small things in the nose, they do not know. In such a situation, try to expel these unwanted things instantly. The things seen from outside can be easily removed. If the object is not seen from the outside, stop the victim from breathing and sniff tobacco. It sneezes and the object goes out. If this tip is not successful, contact the doctor immediately.

On entering the throat of external objects

Coins, tablets or occasional iron objects can be trapped in the neck. If there is an object stuck in the neck of the child who is not sharp, then the child should be restrained on the back by hanging upside down. In such a situation, the youth should bowl the head downwards and push it out loud. Often this idea comes in handy. Rice, banana, vegetable or double chapati should be given to trap on the neck of the sharp objects. It can reach out in stomach and come out with stool. Take the chicken advice immediately.

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