Teeth stain removal home remedy

Teeth stain removal home remedy
Teeth stain removal home remedy

Teeth stain removal home remedy

  • The pallor of the teeth makes us feel embarrassed, which makes our belief even waver. This is a stain on our personality that does not let us move forward. The way the toothache is a big problem, the yellowing of the teeth is also a problem, we try different ways to get rid of it.

How to remove the yellowing of teeth?
Let's learn from these home remedies.

Baking soda

-Baking soda is very useful ingredient to get rid of yellow teeth. Dip the brush directly into the baking soda and then rinse it with hot water. Your teeth will start shining.

-If you want, you can clean the teeth by mixing lemon juice and white vinegar with a spoon baking soda.

Orange peel

- Make powder by drying the orange peel and basil leaves and massage the tooth with this powder daily after brushing. Due to vitamin C and calcium present in orange, the teeth start shining.

- Scrub the orange peel on the teeth, it also cleans teeth.


-Mix honey, mix mustard oil and salt. This not only strengthens the teeth but also removes the yellowness.

-This is the oldest way to clean teeth. Mixing 2-3 drops of mustard oil in the salt, cleansing the tooth cleans the yellowness.


-Within vitamin C is a good way to make strawberries to shine teeth. Malic acid found in strawberries makes the teeth white and glossy. For this you put strawberries on the paste and slowly massage them on the teeth. If you do this for a few weeks, your teeth will always shine.

-In addition, take a piece of strawberry and add a little baking soda in its pulp. After brushing, place this mixture on the tooth with finger. The teeth will start shining for a few days after doing this routine.


-Take out the lemon juice and add some water to it. Rinse with this water after eating. Due to this remedy daily, the yellowing of the teeth goes away and the bad odor of breath is also removed.

-Add little salt to the juice of lemon. Then massage her teeth and leave it for a short time. Then rinse with hot water.

-Mix half lemon juice into one glass of water. Keep the neem teeth in it and leave it overnight. Use this same brush in the morning. This will eliminate the yellowing of teeth.

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