Remedies for removing scabs of hands

Remedies for removing scabs of hands

The importance of hands as part of the body is not less than any part of the body. Regardless of being an important part of the body, there is a considerable reduction in caring for it, which is one of the problems due to which the hands become rough.

Due to the roughness of hands

There are many reasons for having rough rash of hands. Due to dry air, cold weather, sunlight, excessive contact with water, chemicals and hard soap, hand can be rough. For all these reasons, hands become stale and lifeless.

Remedies for removing scabs of hands

These remedies can be tried to remove the rough and lifeless hands, that is, the roughness of hands. Take a lemon and squeeze the juice. Mix the squeezed juice in half a liter of lukewarm water.

Dip your hands in a mixture of lukewarm water and juice for ten minutes. Then wipe the hands with clean cloth and apply cold cream on it. By repeating this procedure daily, the roughness of hands ends and the hands begin to look soft and very soft like before.

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