Holi celebration of colors / Holi essay

Holi celebration of colors / Holi essay

Holi celebration of colors / Holi essay
Holi Colors 

Holi is an excuse for the colors, Holi festival is to increase friendship and love among ourselves, let's remove all the gila teachings and paint each other a lot, we all celebrate Holi ....

Holi celebration of colors / Holi essay

Friends, in just a few month, Holi is celebrated. Holi is our cultural and traditional festival which we all celebrate very happily with. On the festival of Holi we have an essay / Holi Essay in english publishing on it. That is to tell you about this celebration ...

Holi is a great festival of colors that people of Hindu religion celebrate with great fanfare every year in India. These festivals come in the month of spring in the month of Phagun (March), which is the most joyous festival like Diwali. It is celebrated every year on the first day of Chaitra month. During this, the entire nature and environment are very beautiful and colorful.

Holi is a celebration of happiness and good luck which brings real color and joy to everyone's life. Through the colors, all the darkness disappears. Behind the celebration of this important festival, there is a mythological story related to Prahlad and his aunt Holika.

Behind the celebration of Holi, devotee Prahlad has the main role. Long ago, there was an Asura king, Hiranyakashipu. He was Prahlad's father and Holika's brother. He had received this boon that he could not kill any person or animal, neither by any weapon or weapon, nor outside of the house nor in the day nor night.

Due to this infinite power, Hiranyakashyap became arrogant and instead understood God as God, and instructed everyone to worship Him, including his Son.

Because on every side he was afraid, so everyone started worshiping him except Prahlad because he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Irritated with this behavior of son Prahlada, Hiranyakashipu, along with his sister, planned to kill him. He ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlada in her lap and sit in the fire. The bonfire that got boon of burning fire does not get burnt; on the other hand, the devotee Prahlad is not touched by fire god.

From the same time, Holi celebrations started in the name of Holika by the people of Hinduism. It also sees us as the victory of good over evil.

A day before the colorful Holi, people remember the mythology of the Holika dahan by burning the straws of timber, grass and dung at night. It is believed that on this day, all the members of the family are able to clean the massage of the mustard on the body, the dirt and body of the house gets cleared and the happiness and positive powers of the house are entered.

On the next day of Holika Dahan all the people meet all their friends, family loved ones on the occasion of this festival, play Holi with color and gulal, as well as participate in many actions which show happiness to each other. .

Everyone celebrates this festival by coloring in songs, fragrant dishes and colors. On this day all schools, offices, and all institutions are closed so that people can celebrate this special festival with each other.

On this day, everyone forgets social discrimination and shades colors on each other, and kids throw color in balloons and pitchworks and throw them on others. In addition, sharing delicious dishes and sweets, they express happiness.

In this way, people celebrate this festival of colors with joy.

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