Yoga for white or falling hair

Yoga for white or falling hair

There is some such posture in yoga that if you do regularly, you can remove the major disease. Headstand (shearshasana) is one of the same rugs. Many benefits of Headstand (shearshasana) have been counted in Yoga. This posture (asana) keeps the body away from many diseases.

Method of headstand (shearshasana)

First, sit in the awakening stage at the level of space. Now bowing forward, let the holes of both hands rest on the ground and connect the fingers of both hands together. Then turn the back of the head. You can also take the wall support for this. Keep the whole body straight in this posture and keep breathing normal. However, it is advisable if you take an opinion from an expert before this posture.

Benefits of Headstand (shearshasana)

1. With circulation, the flow of blood in the body is fine

2. The brain remains active due to blood flow in the brain.

3. It is a posture that improves the functioning of the glands, and the organs such as stomach, gastric, liver, kidney etc. are active and the digestive system is fine.

4. It is also beneficial for victims of stress and depression.

5. Regularly if you do this posture then your hair will be black and beautiful and hair loss will also be reduced.
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