What to eat during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy
What to eat during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy - Pregnancy in women's life is such a time where they have to be more careful about their health and well being for the child. During this time, he looks more alert about his diet and lifestyle than ordinary days. They worry about what they should eat and what not to eat, because the food they take affects the child's diet. Below are some such diets which are very important to take during pregnancy.
What to eat during pregnancy


Protein is essential for body muscles during pregnancy. 10 gm protein is very important every day for the health of the baby born in the womb. Protein is found in abundance in egg, chicken and soybean. If you are a vegetarian, then you can eat pulses, soya and sprouted gram etc., there are also plenty of protein found in them.


For the body bones, it is very important to take adequate calcium in the same way as the protein is necessary for the muscles. Calcium not only strengthens bones but also develops teeth. If the pregnant woman lacks calcium in the body then the development of bone and teeth in the body of the child will not be well. Pregnant women should consume greens, vegetables and milk for calcium, so that the development of the child is well and there is no weakness in the woman's body.

Folic acid

Every mother dreams that her child is mentally sharp. So if a pregnant woman has a substantial amount of folic acid in the body, then the baby's brain and spinal cord develop well. For information, please tell us that folic acid is found in abundance in soya, paneer, green vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, gourd, melon, groundnut etc.


If the amount of hemoglobin in the opinion of the doctors decreases, serious consequences can be suffered. Therefore, pregnant women should take care of this. To increase the level of hemoglobin in the body, pregnant women should take as much iron as possible. This makes the baby's body well-developed. Just keep in mind that never eat calcium and iron food together, because calcium has strong properties that absorb iron. Broccoli salad is the best option for iron.

Drink plenty of water

Pregnant women drink enough water to keep themselves and children healthy. By drinking water not only does the toxic elements of the body get excreted as urine but also does not have body dehydrate. This keeps the mother and child alive due to various types of infection.

The fruit
What to eat during pregnancy

Just as the body requires water, fruits are also helpful in removing many faults of the body. Fruits should be used for orange, sev, mango, banana and litchi etc. This gives the body plenty of iron, fiber and calcium.

Dry fruit

Apart from this, pregnant women should consume more and more dry fruits to take protein, iron and vitamins etc. in the body.

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