Teeth pain relief home remedy

Teeth pain relief home remedy

Teeth pain relief home remedy - Toothache is a common problem in which children, old people and young people are troubled. Its pain is so painful that the victim takes the sky on the head. Although toothache is such a disease that everyone can be treated with these domestic remedies.

Use of turmeric in toothache

Massage the teeth and gums by adding two pinch of turmeric in four to five bottles of sarso oil. This gives relief from pain in the teeth.

Onion use in toothache

According to the doctors, by eating onions, the bacteria present in the mouth die and get relief immediately in pain. So eat raw onions every morning and evening.

Use of lemon in toothache

Lemon teeth full of Vitamin C give rest to the pain. Due to lemon stroke on the painful part of the tooth, relief comes immediately.

Use of cloves in toothache

If the tooth is more painful, then it is very beneficial to put strong cloves or cloves on the part of the pain. It is very relaxing.

Use of black pepper powder in toothache

Black pepper powder does not only enhance taste but also relaxes in toothache. If there is a sharp pain in the teeth, then add a pinch of black pepper powder in one fourth spoon of salt and put it on the painful part.

Potato use in toothache

Raw potato peel makes a lot of benefit in toothache. Peel the potatoes and keep it on the slices of the slices for 15 minutes, they will get relief immediately.

Use of T Bag in toothache

The tea bag that is used to drink tea by adding tea bags to the milk is also used in toothache. Keep the tea bags in hot water and bake the painful part of it, relax in the pain of the tooth.

Use of ice in toothache

Bake 10 to 15 minutes on the part of the toothache with ice. Get rid of pain.

Use of Saraso Oil in toothache

Massage on teeth and gums by adding a pinch of salt to three to four drops of mustard oil. This not only provides relief from toothache, but also gums are strong. This also eliminates the pyria from the root.

Ginger use in toothache

Place the piece of ginger on the painful part of the tooth and keep it slowly, you will get relief.

Use of garlic in toothache

Garlic is rich in antibiotic properties, which eliminates the bacteria, bacteria and jerks in the tooth.

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