Symptoms of depression | signs of depression

Symptoms of depression
Symptoms of depression | signs of depression

Symptoms of depression | Signs of depression - Everybody's life comes fluctuating, someone takes it forward as a part of life, so one understands the whole life. Holding the failure, frustration of your life is only depression.

What is depression?

Many important stages of life, such as the failure of exams or getting more points, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or the breakdown of marriage, are usually the reasons for depression. At this stage, people feel sad, restless, guilty, helpless, useless, negative thinking, irritable and shameful. As a result the person becomes a victim of insomnia, excessive sleep, fatigue, pain, low energy and digestive problems. At such a time, the reason for argument or decision-making ends and the idea of ​​suicide comes.

However, due to some medical reasons, people suffer from depression, in which there is less active hyperactivity of the thyroid. There may be depression in side effects of some medicines. These include some medicines used to reduce blood pressure.

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression | signs of depression

  1. It is a sign of depression that there is no has in any work or thing, no interest, no happiness from anything or even a feeling of gum.
  2. Do not want to keep negative thinking all the time.
  3. Not sleeping, sleeping at two-three o'clock at night, etc. If it is gone more than two weeks then there is a sign of depression.
  4. Physical exhaustion, lack of energy, no interest in everyday activities.
  5. In such a situation, the mind is filled with helplessness and despair. You start thinking that you can not do anything to improve yourself.
  6. There is no interest in your hobbies, social activities and sex life. You lose the ability to feel happier.
  7. If you have depression, your weight will either decrease or increase.
  8. You will be provoked or violent on small things, the restlessness of some thing will make you persuade.
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