Due to the presence of unwanted hair on face

Due to the presence of unwanted hair on face
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Some problems arise due to the fact that many women are troubled by the problem of unwanted hair. In this problem, unwanted hair is grown on a large number of faces on their faces and other organs. Like some women's men, the mounds grow, some of them grow up on the stomach and chest. It is important to know the reason for the women troubled by these unwanted hair.

This problem, known as hypertension in medical language, is due to the over-emphasis of hormones or hormonal changes. Owing to the excessive amount of androgen hormone in women, hair often sprouts on women's faces. Actually, androgen is normally a hormone found in men.

Many times the increased sensitivity towards androgens of women's body tissues also causes hypertrophy. As a result, hair starts growing on the body parts of women. Other causes of hypertrophy include some type of problem in the adenal gland. If this happens, excessive secretion of androgen begins to occur.

Apart from Androgen, this problem may also be genetic. Anyone in the ancestors of the woman has the scope of having this problem as well. Apart from this, excessive intake of contraceptive pills, excessive consumption of medicines, and hormonal changes in women during pregnancy may also be due to this.

Unwanted hair on face

If we have an unwanted hair on our face then it is obvious that this has an effect on our beauty. Who does not like beauty, everyone uses expensive beauty products to look beautiful. If there is a hair on the face then our beauty goes away, if the faces of the men have hair, then they do not matter, but the hair of women faces no less than an embarrassment. So women use beauty products to get rid of these hair. They get respite for a few days, but this small problem can be very difficult for them in a short time, as this can damage our face, our money and time are also wasted.
Due to the presence of unwanted hair on face
Unwanted hair on face

Household remedies for hair removal

If you want to remove unwanted hair from your face forever, then you should take home remedies without using a beauty product, so that you can always get rid of unwanted hair, that remedy is like this ...

Use of papaya

If you are disturbed with unwanted hair on the face, then grind raw papaya and mix turmeric powder in it and prepare a paste, then after massage slowly for fifteen to twenty minutes on your face, clean your face with water Do it If you can not use it everyday, do it twice a week. You will start to see its effect within a few months. Not only do you get rid of unwanted hair but it also gets a clean look on the face.

Use of sugar and lemon

When you use sugar and lemon on your face, you can easily remove unwanted hair from your face, for this, mix two teaspoons of sugar, two lemon juice, ten teaspoon water, and then mix that mixture Put on your face. Leave her half an hour on the face and then wash your face with cold water later on. By doing so, you will get good results in a few weeks.

Use of gram flour

To clean the beauty of the gram flour, there is a lot of imprisonment, as well as the unwanted hairs of the body and face are also cleaned. For this, add half a teaspoon turmeric, lemon juice to the gram flour, prepare a thick coating, then apply it on your face till it does not get any good pleasure. When it comes to pleasure, scrub the face and clean it. By doing this, the hair clears away from your face. Also, the face of your face starts shining.

Use of mint

Many types of medicinal properties are found in mudhadi, so whenever we use tea made from mint, we get rid of unwanted hair.

Turmeric use

Turmeric is antiseptic, as well as removes unwanted hair and also comes paint on the face, but for this we should put turmeric coating on our face every day.

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