Ovarian cancer symptoms and treatment

Ovarian cancer symptoms and treatment
Ovarian cancer

The practice of keeping women in the curtain in India is still in practice. If this is related to the woman's uterus, then she is kept very hide in the society. As a result of this, there are 2300 cases of Ovarian cancer in India every year. 14 of these prove to be murderous. For up to 70% of cases, the disease is in the grip, when the disease has increased. At the same time, problems of women's uterus are often avoided by suggesting the problem of reproduction, and it is not necessary to consult a doctor. But this carelessness often causes ovarian cancer in women.
The two small organs present around the uterus are called ovaries. Ovarian cancer is a serious problem in women. If this disease is not taken seriously, then it can be the risk of life for many women. It is possible to treat ovarian cancer in early stage. But in the early stages, the symptoms are rare in women, which makes it difficult to identify. Ovary is a part of the reproductive organs of women. This is how the eggs and hormones are formed in women's body.

Awareness is the first way to avoid ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer - Symptoms:

Pain in the stomach, tingling, gas or swelling, diarrhea, problems of constipation, frequent stomach discomfort, lack of appetite, excessive eating of food, sudden loss of weight or increased, vaginal bleeding and no child being The condition also increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Along with breast cancer and colon cancer, the possibility of ovarian cancer increases.

Disease may be genetic

It has been proved in research that Overy's cancer is hereditary. If a woman's mother or an elderly woman has had ovarian cancer then the woman's expectation of ovarian cancer doubles from the normal woman. Although it is commonly seen that Overy's cancer-like problem occurs in women after 40 years of age, but feminism can occur even before the cancer can be preceded by their ancestors' genes.

Ovarian Cancer - Treatment:

In most cases, screening of blood samples is done to check the woman's uterine cancer. Only after diagnosis can doctors detect ovarian cancer. Although many doctors also use ultrasound. Ultrasound is known about the size and problems of female ovaries, which is very beneficial in the treatment. After confirming the ovary cancer, doctors resort to surgery. In surgery, the surgeon removes the cancer from the body through a small incision, through surgical instruments. However, the patient should continue to investigate it with the doctor after this, and continue to take proper consultation.

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