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           OUR Environment 

Introduction -
                            we have heard the word environment  often being used on the television, in newspaper and by people around us. Our elders tell us that the environment is not what it used to be earlier; others say that we should work in a healthy environment; and global summits involving the developed and developing countries are regularly held to discuss environment issues. In this article, we shall be reading how various components in the environment interact with each other and how we impact the environment.

  ECO-System and are its components 
          All organisms such as plant, animals, microorganisms and human beings as well as the physical surroundings interact with each other and maintain a balance in nature. All the interacting organisms in an area together with the non-living constituents of the environment form an ecosystem. Thus, an ecosystem consists of biotic components comprising living organisms and abiotic components comprising physical factors like temperature, rainfall, wind, soil and minerals.
                    For example, if you visit a garden you will find different plants, such as grasses, trees; flower bearing plants like rose, jasmine, sunflower; and animals like frogs, insects and birds. All these living organisms interact with each other and their growth, reproduction and other activities are affected by the abiotic components of ecosystem. So a garden is an ecosystem. Other types of ecosystems are forests, ponds and lakes. These are natural ecosystems while gardens and crop-fields are human-made (artificial) ecosystems.

      Food Chains and Web

                  Food chain -
(1)Food chain is series of organisms feeding on one another
(2)Members of higher trophic level feed upon a single type of organism of the lower trophic level.

     What is Food chain
ans-The food chain- "The chain organisms which are connected to each other in any form based on nutritional mannere, is called food chain." In other word. "The chain of orderly transfer of energy in organisms in the form of food, is called food chain." 

                Food web
(1)Food web consists of a number of interlinked food chains.
(2)Members of higher trophic level can feed upon organisms of the Lower tropic levels of other food chain
      What is food web?
ans- The food web- "The various food chains interact with each other and form a complex path (web), this path (web) is called food web".

            Ozone layer and How it is Getting Depletion

Ozone is a molecule formed by three atoms of oxygen. While oxygen which we normally refer to as oxygen, is essenessen for all aerobic forms of life life. Ozone, is a deadly poison. However, at the higher levels of the higher levels of the atmosphere, ozoe performs an essential function. It shields the surface of the earth from ultraviolet (UV) radition from the Sun. This radiation is highly damaging to organisms, for example. It is known to cause skin cancer in human  beings.
                               Ozone at the higher levels of the atmosphere is a product of UV radiation acting on oxygen molecules. The higher energy UV radiations split apart some moleculer oxygen into free oxygen (O) atoms. These atoms then combine with the molecular oxygen to form ozone as shown.
        The amount of ozone in the atmosphere began to drop sharply in the 1980s. This decrease has been linked to synthetic chemicals like chlorofluchlorofluor (CFCs) which are used as refrigerants and in fire extinguishers. In 1987, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) succeeded in forging an agreement to freeze CFC production at to make CFC-free refrigerators the world.

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