First Aid for nose bleeding and wrench

child nose bleeding and wrench
Nose bleeding

First Aid for nose bleeding and wrench - Often, some children are seen bleeding from the nose. Sometimes in sunlight, they start flowing out of the blood by their nose. One of the main reasons for getting blood out of the nose is injury to the nose. Many times it also flows due to blood related disorders and colds.

What to do on the flow of blood from the nose

As the first aid on bleeding from the nose, let the babies straight down and bow their head down so that they do not swallow the blood. By keeping the child lying on one side, he gets relief. Do not let the child sneeze on the flow of blood from the nose and do not sneeze them. Due to pressure on the nose in both these actions, the possibility of excessive bleeding is formed.

During the bleeding of the nose, place cold water straps on the neck or head, lips or forehead. Due to the cold from these straps, the blood cells shrink and the flow of blood stops. If after 10 minutes of doing so the blood flow does not stop, then contact the doctor. According to the doctor's salon, the child's blood test should also be done. If there is no serious injury, the doctor burns the power of the blood cell, which is also called diarrhea.

First aid on sprain

Due to running, falling, etc. on the uneven surface, they get hurt in the feet or become swollen. Due to this injury or inflammation, heavy pain is required to meet normal activities.

The child's medical examination and treatment is necessary when it comes to sprain. Lift the baby after injury to the heel and lift her legs up. Cushions can be used to lift feet. By adopting this procedure, the amount of swelling and internal bleeding becomes relatively less. Medical studies and tests are essential as it is inflamed, because it has the potential for biting or breakdown of bones.

What to do, when the child fell to the wrist

The imagination of this situation is enough to bring wrinkle on the faces of parents. However, this wrinkle can be reduced to a great extent. This can happen when parents have the information that a child with a wrist should get first aid. Falling of the wrist is more problematic. Without the swelling or other symptoms of the entire weight on the wrist, it is possible to break it.

Therefore, the spouse should also show the doctor because it gives parents the necessary information about the condition of the bones of the affected parts of the children. In these situations, getting more or less comfort for the children is dependent on how the bone is being broken down on the affected area. Understanding the seriousness of the case, doctors give pain relief or medicines.

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