Fast is necessary, but who should not do it |Who should not fast

 Fast is necessary, but who should not do it |Who should not fast

Fasting or fast is an important part of life, and there is also a way of being healthy. Fasting or fast is also one of the ways to improve digestive system, which is impaired by the consumption of substances. Due to fasting, stool-urinary disorders are removed. It is also said that fasting or fast improves blood circulation and improves ability to combat diseases. It is believed that one day a week should be kept  fasting.

However, not every person should go without the knowledge and do the fasting of medical advice. It is also important to know which persons should not fast. So know about those people who should not fast.

** People whose blood pressure is low and whose body levels are below the normal level.

** Neutralizing pregnant women or pregnant women should not be kept fast.

** Epilepsy sufferers or tuberculosis patients should be avoided.

** Patients, people with malnutrition can be more vulnerable to fasting.

** The weak elderly and heavy laborers should avail the fast.

People with any disease should take a fast while practicing caution.

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