Care of nails | Nails care

Care of nails | Nails care

Nails care - The colorful, large, medium-sized nails decorate the four nights in the beauty of the females. To maintain this beauty, it is important to keep the nails bracelet clean and keep them clean. Do not allow dirt in them. If the marks of dirt are visible, clean it regularly by brushing it in a fold or brushing it in thin sink.

care of nails :

Before shaping nails

Before cutting the nails and shaping it, it is important to know the texture of the fingers of the fingers.

How to clean nails

Before cutting, cutting and beautifying, it is necessary to keep them clean and healthy. Nails of some young women are soft. Because of this, they are broken by any kind of injury or turn.

To tighten the nails

To protect the nails from cracking, immerse them in kerosene for five to six minutes daily. Repeat this practice for a few days until the nails become tight. Nails are tight and strong for massaging every day with alum water.

For healthy and strong nails

Take a regular amount of calcium and protein for one or two months for healthy and strong nails. In this way the strong nails do not break fast.

How to cut nails

..Drink the small nails in hot water for a while before cutting it. With this, tight nails become soft, after which it becomes easy to cut into the desired shape.

Nail cracks

There are cracks in between the nails of many people. This is due to the lack of vitamin A. For this reason, the proper amount of Vitamin-A should be taken in the food. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet, which contains plenty of Vitamin-A. In this way olive oil massages are also beneficial.

Keeping all these measures in mind, nails can be made beautiful and attractive.

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