Dark circle measures | How to remove dark circles

Dark circle measures | How to remove dark circles

The dark circles under the eyes in women and men have become commonplace nowadays. These Dark Circles play an important role in reducing your beauty and smartness. Dark circle measurs | Dark circle under eye | how to remove dark circles

What is the reason

The disorganized lifestyle is the result of the dark circle under the eyes. Those people who engage in work all the time, can not sleep, live in tension and addiction, you can see such dark circles on their faces.


However, there are plenty of creams available in the market to eliminate dark circles on the face, but we will tell you about reducing or eliminating dark circles through home remedies.

Drink plenty of water: Many diseases solution are in water. A substantial amount of water in the body plays an important role in eliminating the dark circle under the eyes. Drinking water constantly keeps skin hydrated and can not be dark circle.

Use of cucumber: The best way to reduce dark circles is to use cucumber. You must have seen people adopting this remedy. Due to being a fine cleaner and estrogen, cucumber eliminates dark circles under the eyes. How to: Cut cucumbers slices and keep them on their eyes. Do this twice a day, it will get benefits in about ten to fifteen days.

Taking full sleep: If you are continuously working and do not complete sleep, then this is a very big problem. Under the eyes, dark circles come and sleep is one of the main reasons. If your sleep has not been completed for many days, then sleep first. When you take complete rest and relax your eyes, the dark circles will be corrected automatically.

Almond oil: Almonds benefit your skin in addition to keeping the body sharp and the brain sharp. If you use almond oil, rich in natural properties, then the dark circles surrounding your eyes are removed. Put a little bit under the eyes in the night and massage with light hands. After massage, leave it like this. Wash your mouth after rising in the morning.

Tomato paste and lemon: Another homemade remedies include tomatoes and lemon. Tomatoes have many qualities that make the dark color of the skin lighten and also bring glow on your face. For this, add a teaspoon tomato paste and a few drops of lemon juice and prepare the mixture. Place this mixture on the dark circle beneath your eyes. Leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it later with cold water.

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